You can book the City Taxi services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We have prepared a sophisticated product called Citytaxi Business for our contracting partners among entrepreneurs, companies and government institutions. Besides the taxi services we also offer services of load transport, vehicle transport,VIP Service Taxi and City Exclusive Limousine Service.
Due to a very detailed summary of invoiced services in the portal, which you can find on, you can precisely control your taxi-related spending. The drive authorisation is properly protected against misuse.
You administer your user accounts yourself online on our website. The invoiced services summaries are, of course, available in MSExcel or .csv formats. Your expenditure can be invoiced separately, divided by plants, cost centres, etc. The system may be modified based on your special requirements. We publish your details in the "Reference" section only with your consent.



CityTaxi objednávky
Benefits for corporate customers
  • Clear invoicing system

  • You will be given a discounted fare not only for your company trips but for your private ones, too.

  • We do not require advance payments for the services purchased.

  • We do not require any minimum performance.



For further information please contact me or your local sales representative..

Tomáš Horčička - Director
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