VIP Taxi

You can book the City Taxi services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Pro naše zákazníky, kteří potřebují nadstandardní služby taxi, jsme připravili nabídku služeb s vozy Mercedes-Benz třídy E.
Nejstarší vozy pro službu V.I.P. CityTaxiService jsou vyrobeny v roce 2010.
Můžete očekávat též nadstandardní přístup a chování řidičů této služby k zákazníkům. Oblečení řidičů splňuje kritéria tzv. Business Casual Light



1 km
28 Kč
  • Nástupní sazba 40,00 Kč
  • 1 minuta čekání 6,00 Kč
  • 1 km mimo Prahu 14 Kč
    (return trip)
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Rights and Obligations

What you can expect:

  • You will be transported only by a legal taxi car
  • A taxi car prepared to pick up you quickly and reliably
  • A free choice of the required taxi car
  • Transport to the destination using the shortest route unless you request otherwise
  • A polite, helpful and responsive taxi driver with all certifications, of previous good character
  • A clean taxi car in a good technical condition, with all statutory taxi fees having been duly settled
  • Loading and unloading of your luggage
  • Help when getting into and out of the vehicle
  • A receipt printed using the taximeter printer (hand-written documents have been illegal in taxi services since 1 January 1996)

This is what you should know and take into account:

  • The fare displayed on the taximeter must always be paid
  • The taximeter is actually a cash register without the possibility to additionally use a discount, so the price cannot be changed
  • If it is possible, we ask that you use banknotes with the maximum face value of CZK 2,000.
  • When going by taxi, passengers must always fasten their seatbelt, even on rear seats
  • There is a general ban on smoking in taxi cars during transport
  • Please remember that your luggage must be transported in the luggage compartment, not on the car seats
  • Only some cars can transport your pets so inform us of this possible requirement when booking a taxi car
  • Your pets can only be transported if they are in a special carrier box, in the luggage compartment or on the car floor.
  • You will always be held liable for damage to the taxi car caused by you or your pet
  • If you want to transport a large, dirty or otherwise difficult load, we will be happy to provide you with the "Citytaxi Cargo" load transporting service.



City taxi is trying to improve its services all the time and to meet all customer requirements to the customers' best satisfaction.

Tomáš Horčička - Director
Use the possibility of a dialogue directly with the Company Director: